Economic results

The Bank Millennium Group achieves its economic goals through a medium-term growth strategy, in a sustainable manner, taking into account the principles declared in the Code of Ethics. The Group places special emphasis on offering its clients products that match their needs and the quality of service typical for the responsible companies.

The Group has applied a structured and transparent system of principles to its operations, which mitigates reputation risk and helps build relations with its Stakeholders, including clients, based on mutually beneficial long-term relations.

Highlights of the Bank Millennium Group business performance (in millions of PLN)
  2013 2012
Operating income 2,080.1 2,008.2
Operating income 1,397.4 1,414.4
Net sales 1,808.8 1,707.2
Payroll expenses 547 558.3
Income tax 144.8 123.8
Loans and advances to customers (gross) 41,765.7 40,232.2
Customer Funds 51,872 46,792
Share in the loan market* 4.8% 6.4%
Share in the deposit market* 5.3% 5.3%
Equity 5,363 4,824
Capital adequacy ratio 14.5% 14.5%
Net profit 535.8 472.2
Distribution of profit
Dividend 50% 0
Reserve capital 50% 100%
*share in the Polish banking market

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Detailed information and financial data pertaining to the activity of the Bank Millennium Group are available in the 2013 Annual Report of Bank Millennium available on the Bank's website.

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