Scale of the reporting organization

The Bank operates throughout Poland and has no branches abroad. Services are offered through a chain of 439 outlets across Poland, through the Millenet web banking system, through the telephone banking channel and a chain of 555 proprietary ATMs. Thanks to its numerous distribution channels, the Bank's products and services can be accessed in Poland 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Scale of Bank Millennium Group's business activity
  2013 2012
Number of individuals 1.2 mln  1.2 mln 
Number of corporate clients 10.5 thous. 10 thous.
Number of branches 439 447
Number of ATMs 555 566
Number of Internet banking clients 1,438,813 (62%)  1,433,726 (54%)
Number of employees 5,956 6,073
Number of business partners 5,142 5,529
Sponsoring and donations PLN 2.59 million PLN 1.67 million

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