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Bank's products and services

The products offered by Bank Millennium address all market segments: individual clients, small and medium enterprises, corporate clients and private banking clients.

In responding to the expectations of different groups of clients, the Bank offers every segment different products customized to meet its needs. The direction of change and the implemented innovations are driven by customers’ opinions given during qualitative and quantitative studies regularly conducted by the Bank.

Client segments and offered products

Client segmentDescriptionOffered products
Individual clients Accounts, cards, loans, mortgage loans, investment and savings products, insurance.
Prestige clients Individuals holding assets exceeding PLN 100 thousand in the Bank. Accounts, cards, savings products, investment insurance products, structured products, funds, loans.
Private Banking Individuals holding assets exceeding PLN 1 million in the Bank. Accounts, cards, savings products, investment products, loans.
Business clients Companies with annual sales up to PLN 5 million. Accounts, cards, trade and working capital financing, factoring, leasing, capital investments.
Corporates Companies with annual revenues on sales over PLN 5 million. Banking support and working capital financing, trade finance, treasury products, trustee services, financial solutions for the public sector.

A detailed description of products and services offered is provided on our