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Membership in organizations

The Bank is a member of several industry organizations operating on a regional, national and international level. In the context of this report, the key organizations include:

Polish Bank Association (ZBP) The Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium is a member of the Board of ZBP , an organization associating and representing the interests of all banks operating in Poland. Additionally, the Bank’s Representative is a member of the Banking Ethics Commission operating within the Polish Bank Association. The commission is responsible for the observance of the ethical principles adopted by banks and their employees and for the promotion of ethical banking principles.
LEWIATAN Confederation It represents the interests of employers in Poland and in the European Union, strives for competitive conditions for business, sustainable economic growth, better law, increased employment and consolidation of the social capital.
Stock Exchange Issuers Association (SEG) It serves the community of stock exchange issuers by sharing knowledge and advice with respect to stock market regulations, promotes exchange of knowledge fostering development of the capital market and a modern market economy in Poland.