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Accessibility of Financial Services for Disabled and Elderly

With a network of 423 outlets, the Bank has a footprint in all of Poland’s largest cities.G4-DMA

Outside of the outlet network, the Bank also offers its services through the mobile web banking system, through the telephone banking channel and a chain of 539 proprietary ATMs. Through the multiple distribution channels, services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and access to the Bank's products and services is virtually unlimited. G4-FS13 The Bank makes it increasingly easier to use its products and services by the disabled and elderly, by ensuring:

  • access to outlets where architectural barriers may occur;
  • ATMs facilities for people with impairments of vision and movement. Disabled people with movement impairments can use the number keypad instead of function buttons next to the screen, which means that they do not have to reach too high near the screen. People with vision impairments on the other hand may use a special contrast screen mode and voice messages after headphones are connected to the ATM;
  • large text feature – the Bank’s website and the Bank’s Internet application contain an A+ button, which enlarges the presented text, allowing vision-impaired persons to use the application;
  • service over the phone – customers using the Bank's Hotline can use the voice command feature during the call instead of using the phone's keypad;
  • easier signing of agreements – blind or visually impaired persons or people who cannot read can still sign an agreement with the Bank in the presence of two employees of the outlet or a witness trusted by the customer. In such cases, an outlet employee can also read the agreement aloud and/or in the case of customers who cannot write, they can sign using a fingerprint.
  • agreement forms on the website, easy to read by text-to-speech applications
  • service standards of the disabled people - detailed guidelines regarding the service of disabled clients, which are binding on the employees of all of the Bank's outlets.


Accessibility of Services 201420132012
Outlets accessible to disabled persons
Number of outlets 423 439 447
% of outlets accessible to disabled persons 89% 88% 87%
Number of ATMs 539 555 566
% ATMs accessible to disabled persons 100% 89% 89%