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Client Privacy protection

Protection of client information

The Bank and its employees are obligated to protect private and confidential information pertaining to its clients and its proper usage. To this end, information systems are being improved on an ongoing basis and the pertinent employee training is conducted. The Bank’s Suppliers, whose services the Bank uses on a contractual basis, are also obligated to protect data confidentiality, including personal data and confidential data supplied by the Bank. In particular, clients’ personal data, account and transaction-related data as well as related to all banking operations are subject to protection.

Clients’ personal data protection

The Bank collects, processes, uses and stores client personal data in compliance with the binding regulations, and it undertakes all reasonable steps to protect such information. clients are advised of the objective of processing personal data and it provides clients access to the contents of these data, including the option to correct and supplement them.

The Bank abides by the rule of not making clients’ personal data available to third parties unless it is necessary to perform the contracts executed with clients or is otherwise compliant with the regulations in force in this area.G4-DMA

Protection of employee information

Employees are obligated to abide by all the Bank’s rules and guidelines pertaining to personal data security and to take care so that this type of information is made available solely to authorized persons.

Bank employee data may also be processed in other places besides their place of employment, but the relevant legal regulations in force are adhered to in respect of collecting, transmitting, storing, processing and using this type of information.

The specific rules for classifying and protecting information are prescribed by the information security policies in force in the Bank.

Training on protection of personal data and information

 Number and % of employees trained
Classification, processing and protection of information at the Bank 937 (15%) 1,217 (20% ) 1,216 (20% )
Personal Data Protection 3,407 (55%) 3,680 (62% ) 4,742 (79% )