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Responsible sales of products and services

Reliable marketing communication


Marketing communication standards

Marketing materials prepared by the Bank are compliant with all the laws and regulations applicable to this area, including the Canon of Best Financial Market Practices and guidelines of the guidelines laid down by the Financial Supervision Commission. Bank tracks the recommendations formulated by the Financial Supervision Commission and adapts its advertising message to those recommendations on an ongoing basis. The employees of Bank Millennium involved in the advertising work are formally obligated to observe the provisions of the Code of Ethics in Advertising defined by the Advertising Council. The Bank has also adopted its internal regulations in this respect.


Clear and advertising messages

Any change or introduction of a document or marketing material for buyers of respective products is preceded by consultations within the Bank, verification by the legal team, compliance, marketing communication and product, in order to provide clients with a clear and reliable, legally-required information about the products offered.

In accordance with the principles of advertising banking services, which were prepared by the Financial Supervision Commission Bank Millennium's advertisements are not misleading and show the important features of the products and services and related benefits and costs. They also depict their legal nature and provide information about the level of possible risk carried by the customer. If the message focuses on a promotional offer, its conditions and term of its validity are specified. clients also receive information where they can learn about the details of the promotion.

In 2014, there were no cases of non-compliance of Bank Millennium with regulations relating to marketing communications.



Transparent information about products and services

In addition to the reliable marketing communication, clients are offered tools that make it easier for them to select a product to match their needs. The Bank also applies solutions that are aimed at protecting the client’s investments.


Assistance in selection of financial products

In order to give the clients an easier choice of product matching the needs, the Bank’s website offers two solutions:

  • Your Needs section, where the client receives directions on products and services that would be the most adequate for his/her financial requirements;
  • tools to assist the client in selecting the most adequate product, such as a deposit comparison tool or a cash loan calculator.

Security of investments

The Bank complies with the requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which obligates the Bank to convey information to clients aligned to their knowledge and experience in investing in financial instruments and products. The Bank is also obligated to provide reliable and not misleading information about products and risks associated with investments in those products and to apply the policy of acting to the best interest of its clients and the policy to prevent the conflict of interest.

In addition to the products, which were covered by MiFID by the power of law, the Bank also included other financial products. The list of products covered by MiFID also includes unit-linked insurance products and investment (structured) deposits.

All the marketing publications prepared by the Bank describe, among others, the risks associated with investments and sample scenarios related to the financial instrument or product. clients are also presented with complete and reliable information on the Bank's products and products distributed by the Bank, including their issuers and the terms of the complaint process. Information on services, bank agreements and documents, letters sent to clients are drafted in a precise, comprehensible and transparent manner.

Information on amendments to regulations and price lists

Information on amendments to regulations and price lists is sent by the Bank to clients at least two months before the amendments come into effect. Such information is sent by post (usually with monthly statements) or electronically using the Internet banking system.

According to the Bank’s regulations and the Act on Payment Services, clients have the right to object to the proposed amendments without incurring any fee or terminate the agreement while observing the termination period, also without any fee. If an objection is made but the agreement is not terminated, the agreement expires on the day preceding the effective date of the amendments.

G4-PR3, G4-FS15


Ethical Standards in Customer Service

Standards of selling products and services

Employees of the Bank’s branches are obligated to observe ethical selling standards included in the Code of Ethics and in the Book of Customer Service Standards.
Additionally, Standards for Selling Personal Accounts and Credit Products were implemented in 2014. These standards contain elements such as e.g. reliable analysis of client needs, presenting the product offering with all related costs and conditions required to obtain one, diagnosing the client’s concerns, providing clarification and finally making sure that the client is familiar with the principles of the product’s operation before the agreement is concluded.

Employees have also been trained in practical application of the standards. Compliance with standards and the scope of information provided to clients by employees is regularly controlled during the evaluation of quality of the selling process using a Mystery Shopper study. All of the Bank’s outlets are subject to inspection.

Assistance in repayment of debt

If past due debt arises after liabilities to the Bank are not paid on a timely basis, an individual client may address the Bank during the term of the agreement with a request to conclude an annex amending the initial agreement. If a liability has become fully due and payable following a termination of an agreement, a client may request a composition agreement to be concluded for the repayment of the liability. If both parties accept the terms and conditions of repayment, it is possible, among others, to: repay the overdue amount in the form of instalments, reduce the previous instalment amounts, reduce interest accruing on the liability or extend the lending period.



Client Education Programs


Publications in the media

The media publish educational and guidance statements by Bank Millennium experts. In 2014, the subjects of such publications included, among others: effective saving methods, criteria to consider when applying for a cash loan or when shopping for a good personal account. The media published several dozen of such statements.

Guide for Corporate clients

Corporate clients receive a bulletin along with their monthly account statements containing a legal calendar including legislative changes affecting the operation of businesses, macroeconomic forecasts and an article on a specific Bank product or service. 

The bulletin is also available on the Bank’s website at

Meetings for Corporate clients

The Bank promotes economic knowledge by analysing trends in the economy and macroeconomic forecasts. These activities take place as part of specialist seminars and take the form of a presentation by the Bank’s Chief Economist during meetings with representatives of companies. 

The subjects discussed in 2014 included, among others: Poland’s economic growth, interest rate levels, propensity of companies for investing, future exchange rates.  

Meetings for Corporate clients201420132012
Number of meetings 9 12 24
Number of clients taking part in the meetings 117 140 275