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Dialog with Employees

Internal communication

The internal communication system in place in the Bank Millennium Group allows the employees to express opinions and share their experiences. The communication tools available to employees include:


Milleforum is an internal social platform whereby employees can share experience relating to sales and customer service and share opinions on how different areas of the Bank operate. Thanks to the publications prepared by the Bank’s experts, MilleForum is also a collection of practical knowledge pertaining to products, quality of service, sales techniques and cooperation with clients.

Every employee may freely comment on the published texts, initiate discussion, set up thematic groups and pose questions to experts. On this forum employees may also present their ideas to streamline internal bank processes and to develop the product offering. employee ideas are analysed and the best ones are implemented.

Number of registered employees 6091 (98%) 5430 (91%)


The intranet service available to all employees makes it possible to communicate with the Bank’s various units while also providing extensive information and education opportunities. Through the intranet employees may pose questions and present applications through the HR service system which is designated to respond to personnel and employee-related issues.


Employee MagazineEmployee Magazine

The internal magazine of the Bank Millennium Group’s employees called the World of Millennium reports the most important events related to the operations of the Bank, the international Millennium bcp group and the financial market. This magazine devotes considerable space to employee affairs and initiatives by publishing materials prepared by employees.



Communication in business segments

Employees in the Corporate Banking business segment take advantage of an internal information portal called Knowledge Interchange Platform where they can present their own materials and information.

This service is evolving in line with employees’ suggestions and ideas as they communicate with one another through discussion panels for the purpose of presenting their current needs and opinions and sharing their sales experience and good practices when they interface with clients. The quality and currency of the information presented are assessed by bank experts on a given subject matter. This means that the contents and the materials available on this platform can help users prepare well for client meetings.

To update their knowledge about products, procedures and industry trends employees may also take advantage of the Corporate Banking Bulletin published on a monthly basis. The bulletin published in the intranet reports on current events and makes it possible to update knowledge related to products, procedures and industry trends.

Special events

Every year, Bank Millennium has organized information and integration events for Group employees. In 2014, these included:

  • The Management Meeting of over 800 managers from all management levels in the Bank Millennium Group. The meeting was devoted to the summary of the year 2013 and the business plans for 2014. The meeting was also an opportunity to award outstanding employees.
  • Christmas Eve Meetings organized for all the Bank Millennium employees. In December 2014, 12 meetings took place in 11 cities, attended by approximately 4 thousand employees.

Employee survey

Employee surveys are used to gather valuable information needed for the implementation of new, practical solutions that improve the quality of work.

Employees regularly voice their opinions through an electronic anonymous questionnaire on topics such as overall job satisfaction, satisfaction with their relationship with their boss, job motivation and willingness to recommend the Group as an employer. Survey results are analysed in detail and delivered to every unit of the Bank. The overall results of the analysis are reported to the Bank's Management Board. Meetings are also held with Unit Heads in which the performance is discussed and measures developed to improve the satisfaction and motivation of employees.

In 2014, the Bank made a decision to conduct the survey on a bi-annual basis. The next employee satisfaction survey will be held in 2015.

Employee satisfaction surveys

% responses to the questionnaire 79% 82%
Overall Employee satisfaction level* 77% 72%
Willingness to recommend the Bank as an employer 64% 61%

* percentage of satisfied and very satisfied employees

Freedom of association

The Bank has no trade unions or collective bargaining agreements.G4-11

Through the Intranet, employees are informed that they are entitled to elect the Council of Bank employees.  Information and opinions are exchanged with employees also through the internal social networking forum. On the forum employees ask questions to experts from a given area and exchange opinions on various solutions used in the Bank, such as e.g. the bonus system, working time, social benefits.

Communication with employees is also conducted through the employee evaluation system. Managers provide feedback and become familiar with issues reported by employees. This process is supported by the 360 degree competence assessment applicable to managers. Employees may also voice their opinions during the regular employee satisfaction surveys.