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Promotion of Culture

The Bank’s activity in culture is planned based on medium-term action plans and the following assumptions:

  • Is accomplished solely at the program level (the Bank does not support institutions but only selected programs run by these institutions);
  • The Bank prefers to cooperate in long-term programs with clearly defined goals and haute couture programs;
  • The Bank does its utmost for the programs it supports to have as broad as possible social reception and to be accessible to its recipients through the media;
  • The Bank’s major partners in pursuing cultural programs are cultural institutions, non-governmental institutions and the media.

Bank Millennium’s cyclical cultural projects

ProgramDescriptionPartnerNumber of editions completed up to 2014Audience in 2014Audience in 2013Details
Golden Scepter Annual prize for the Polish artist with outstanding artistic achievements and a concert accompanying the awards ceremony. Polish Cultural Foundation 16 79,335 500 number of viewers of a reportage in TVP 2
Millennium Pearls Series of programs aired in TVP to present artistic spectacles (in 2014 – Television Theater performances). Polish Television 10 8,926,287 17,000,000 number of viewers of the TVP Theater performances aired in TVP 1 and TVP 2
Planete+ Doc Film Festival Patronage of the largest festival on global documentary filmmaking in Poland. Against Gravity 10 41 33 number of viewers at festival showings
Two Theaters Festival of Polish Radio Theater and Polish Television Theater Festival and contest for the best radio show and television performances. Polish Television – Gdańsk Branch 12 425,683 520 audience of programs broadcast by TVP and participants in competitions and accompanying events
Artistic Colony in Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisłą Program to enroot the artistic accomplishments of the Artistic Colony in Kazimierz Dolny and its contemporary followers. Vistula River Basin Museum in Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisłą 15 19,418 13 Number of viewers in painting exhibitions
Multicultural Gdańsk Presentation of the historical artistic accomplishments made by artists from multicultural Gdańsk and presentations of contemporary artists associated with this city. National Museum in Gdańsk 16 1,836 5052 number of viewers in exhibitions
Sacrum-Profanum contemporary music festival Festival of contemporary music and neighbouring currents. Cracow Festival Office 3 8 10 number of attendees to the festival’s concerts
Let’s remember Osiecka Festival and poetic song contest dedicated to the creativity of the poet Agnieszka Osiecka. The Spectacles Wearers Foundation 8 790 2000 number of attendees to the festival’s concerts
Bank Millennium’s New Year’s Concert Annual concert at the Royal Castle in Warsaw organized for the Bank’s clients and partners. Royal Castle in Warsaw 23 220 240 number of attendees to the concert
Gdańsk Music Festival Presentation of outstanding performances of classic and contemporary music. Forza Musical Association 2 6000 800 number of attendees to the concerts
Paganini Millennium Tour Concerts presenting excellent performances of classic violin music Sylwin Management/ Philharmonic venues in Łódź, Gdańsk and Warsaw 1 2400   number of attendees to the concerts
Total       9,510,969 18,084,092