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Supporting Education

The aim of the educational programs conducted by the Bank is to allow students and graduates to gain their first professional experience and knowledge in banking and finance. Bank Millennium also works with student organizations, providing merit-based and financial support in their activities.

Main Education Programs

Program   Description Number of participants
Millennium Bankers Paid apprenticeship programme, whose purpose is to allow students to apply the knowledge gained in their studies on the job. Through involvement in independent, complex projects, students acquire practical knowledge of the banking business. The best apprentices receive job offers from the Bank. 24 20 24
Millennium Academy The purpose of the free workshops and training for students run by the Bank's specialists is to show the specific character of job in banking and present the possible career paths. In 2014, the subjects of training included negotiation, sales, e-commerce, creativity and sales network management. 211 219 240
You Are Competing for an Internship For the second time the Bank funded the award in the contest You Are Competing for an Internship organized by Gazeta Wyborcza and PwC. The winner of the competition was accepted for a summer apprenticeship at a retail banking marketing unit. 4 9 42
Total   239 248 306

Cooperation with student organizations in 2014

OrganizationImplemented programs
AIESEC Ambassador Program – during an annual period of cooperation, the ambassadors, i.e. AIESEC members, provide information to students on development opportunities in the Bank by promoting its programme of internships, contests, apprenticeships and development programs. In exchange the ambassadors participate in training sessions and workshops organized by the Bank and receive the possibility of participating in a vacation internship in the Bank.
Career Days - Participation in the largest job fair is an effective form of exchange of expectations between the Bank and the young people looking for a job.
Both programs are delivered in 5 academic communities across Poland.
CEMS Club Warsaw Graduate Programme Day (Management Program Fairs) - the event was an opportunity for students to get acquainted with management programs of the leading companies, ask questions to potential employers and receive advice on how to select the best career development path.