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2015 csr REPORT

Our priorities

Sustainable Business Growth

The key aspects of sustainable Business growth have been included in the mid-term Strategy of the Bank for 2015-2017.

These aspects are being implemented across all areas of activities of the Bank.

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Compliance with ESG Rules

The Bank’s activities are conducted based on good ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practices.

The Bank observes legal, ethical and corporate governance principles, is a long-standing member of the Respect Index and reports on corporate social responsibility issues.

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Dialogue with Stakeholders

The Company’s stakeholders express their opinions on cooperation with the Bank via various platforms of contact.

Their expectations are taken into consideration when innovative solutions and improvements in products , services and Bank’s activities are implemented.

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Social responsibility in numbers

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Resources management

The rational resource management policy is focused on continuous monitoring and reduction of the consumption of materials, by way of:

  • analysis of fulfilment of the budgets for the purchase of office materials,
  • verification of the need for each purchase ordered,
  • introduction of purchase caps at current consumption levels,
  • reuse of equipment resources that are excessive, which limits the waste production.

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Green solutions

In order to optimize the consumption of energy, water, fuel and materials purchased by the Bank, a number of solutions has been introduced.

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Environmentally friendly products and services

In its offer, the Bank contains products used to implement environmentally friendly activities or finance environmental undertakings.
List of environmentally friendly products and services offered by Bank Millennium:

  • WWF Card
  • Wiewiórka Card
  • Green Mutual Funds
  • Polseff
  • Leasing Eko Energia
  • Loan for Technological Innovations

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Educational actions

There has been an initiative of creating a Book with Guidelines on how to be eco-friendly directed at employees and Customers.

The Bank's Customers and Staff are encouraged to take part in educational actions and environmental events such as: Earth Hour.

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The Bank’s undertakings expressed in the current Strategy to clients relate to the assurance of security of deposited funds, observance of ethical principles in the marketing and selling process, offering products adjusted to client’s needs, ensuring high quality of service and providing access to services to excluded groups (e.g. the disabled or elderly).

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Obligations towards employees included in the Bank’s strategy for the years 2015-2017 focus on dialogue to learn about employees’ expectations and to provide them with stable and satisfactory terms of employment, which also allow for their self-fulfillment.

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Business Partners

In its business activity the Bank cooperates with many business partners as the buyer of products and services from various market segments. The key partners provide services associated with the lease of and support for branches and office space, services and purchase of IT equipment and marketing services.

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In cooperation with non-governmental and social organizations Bank Millennium is implementing programs to prevent social exclusion, to support cultural development and youth education.

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