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Client privacy protection

Bank’s employees are obligated to protect private and confidential information pertaining to its clients and its proper usage. To this end, information systems are being improved on an ongoing basis and the pertinent employee training is conducted. The Bank’s suppliers, whose services the Bank uses on a contractual basis, are also obligated to protect data confidentiality, including personal data and confidential data supplied by the Bank. In particular, clients’ personal data, account and transaction-related data as well as related to all banking operations are subject to protection.

The specific rules for classifying and protecting information are prescribed by the information security policies in force in the Bank.

Training on protection of personal data and information* 2015 2014 2013 2012
Classification, processing and protection of information at the Bank 923 (15%) 937 (15%) 1217 (20% ) 1216 (20% )
Personal Data Protection 2987(50%) 3407 (55%) 3680 (62% ) 4742 (79% )

* number and % of employees trained