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Customer service quality

Research of client needs

Service Design for high quality of customer service

A new customer service model named Daily Banking was implemented in 2015 for a client opening an account in Bank Millennium. The model was developed using the Service Design methodology in which the starting point for designing solutions was an in-depth understanding of client issues and needs achieved through analysis of successive steps that they must take to use a service. Service Design was also used to design a model conversation with clients about savings, investment and credit products.

The implementation of those new conversation models was combined with the practical training for branch employees (over 3000 people were trained in the application of the Daily Banking model). Proposed conversations with clients in the form of training video clips were also posted in the Intranet.

Analysis of customer expectations

In order to learn more about customers’ expectations, the Voice of Customer project was launched to accept and respond to customer suggestions put forward to the Bank through the telephone service and complaint reports. These suggestions concern, among others, the quality of service in branches, proposed changes in processes or requests for new products and services. Employees are also able to convey customers’ opinions in the internal social forum. These opinions are then analyzed in the context of innovations and improvements that can be implemented in the Bank.

The projects have borne fruit not just in the form of improved internal quality ratios but have also won third party recognition. In 2015, Bank Millennium was the leader in all the major service quality rankings: Quality Star (“Gwiazda Jakości”), Quality You Can Bank On (“Jakość na bank”) and Newsweek’s Friendly Bank (“Przyjazny Bank Newsweeka”), the most prestigious ranking (victory in 3 categories: Bank of Choice for Mr. Smith (“Bank dla Kowalskiego”), Web Bank, ("Bank w Internecie”) and Mortgage Banking, (“Bankowość Hipoteczna”).

Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality Surveys

Regular evaluation of customer satisfaction and recommendations is a measure to monitor the quality of customer service provided by the Bank. Such evaluation is conducted using a research model, which consists of 3 main aspects:

  1. Overall evaluation of customer satisfaction – surveys are conducted for each business segment: Retail customers, Corporate customers and the Prestige business line. In addition to overall satisfaction surveys, the Bank carries out satisfaction surveys for specific contact channels with the Bank (outlets, website, phone and mobile banking) and for cooperation with relationship managers.
  2. Detailed surveys of key processes, e.g. satisfaction with the complaint process, monitoring of satisfaction for new customers.
  3. In-depth surveys arising from business needs, e.g. evaluation of the loan granting process.

Customer satisfaction

Customers satisfied or very satisfied 2015 2014 2013 2012
with their cooperation with the Bank 89% 87% 90% 89%
with the product offering 83% 84% 85% 83%
with service quality 92% 89% 92% 91%
NPS ratio* 31 33 32 -

*indicates the willingness to recommend the Bank’s products and services

G4-DMA PR5, G4-PR5

In order to maintain high quality of Customer service in the outlets, the Bank conducts Mystery Shopping surveys in cooperation with an external company. Each month, all of the Bank’s outlets are visited by auditors, who evaluate compliance of the Customer service quality level with the accepted standards.

Quality and Satisfaction Survey 2015 2014 2013 2012
Surveys conducted 24 15 10 16
Number of customers surveyed 65,207 102,000 138,743 130,201
Number and % of responses 25,070 (38%) 34,000 (33%) 35,336 (25%) 28,355 (22%)
Number of Mystery Shopping visits 4000 4200 4300 4800

Complaints Management

In 2015, the Bank focused on analyzing and eliminating the underlying causes for complaints. The most critical change involved the implementation of two complaints handling paths: a quick path to handle standard reports and the other path to handle non-standard cases. Following the introduction of the quick path, almost 50% of the complaints are not handled within 2 days.

Other important improvements included: creation of the process for handling Client objections to amendments introduced to rules and regulations, sending out information about non-renewal of a credit card, displaying additional information about the fee charged when a transaction is concluded in the mobile app and making it easier for Clients to deliver a notification with confirmation that a seizure by bailiff has been lifted, by sending it to a fax number.

Complaint reports are forwarded monthly to people responsible for individual products and processes. This allows the Bank to analyze the quality of services it offers and to take optimization measures. The performance of the complaints handling process is presented at the Process and Operational Risk Committee meetings and also at the Supervisory Board meetings.

Complaints filed 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number of complaints filed 43188 41696 44738 48177
Number and % of complaints handled in favor of customers 24866 (57%) 23711(57%) 25067 (56%) 25708 (53%)
Number and % of complaints submitted concerning privacy breaches or loss of customer data 333 (0.8%) 365 (0.9%) 329 (0.7%) 277 (0.6%)
Number and % of overdue complaints* 42 (0.1%) 446 (1%) 1812(4%) 4647 (10%)

* not handled within the deadline anticipated by the rules and regulations. The long time of handling complaints is caused by the need to contact external institutions.


Complaints by category

Complaints by category

Time of examining complaints 2015 2014 2013 2012
Up to 3 days 19% 24% 19% 22%
4 to 7 days 26% 30% 29% 33%
Above 7 days 38% 46% 52% 45%
Average time of examining a complaint 13 15 17 14

*indicates the willingness to recommend the Bank’s products and services

Client’s satisfaction with the complaint process 2015 2014 2013
Clients satisfied and very satisfied with the complaint process  76% 72% 66%
Clients who recommend the Bank  44% 41% 36%
NPS ratio* 21 18 5