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Dialogue with Investors

The Bank uses various communication channels in order to reach the present and potential Shareholders, mainly such as:

  • Regular conferences with the participation of the Bank's Management Board on quarterly performance of the Bank’s Capital Group (there were 4 such conferences in 2015),
  • Participation in conferences and road shows organized for investors in Poland and abroad (17),
  • Individual and group meetings with capital market participants (206),
  • Current stock exchange reports (79) and press releases,
  • Dedicated website in the Bank’s portal on investor relations,Encouraging people to participate in the annual Shareholder Meeting (also a webcast is available on the Internet),
  • Ongoing contacts with market participants (by e-mail or telephone). 

To ensure best practice in equal access to information, since 2006 the Bank has enabled unlimited access to these conferences via the web (audio-visual transmission in Polish and English) and by telephone. The recording of each conference is available on the Bank’s website at least for a quarter after the conference. The Bank also prepares a webcast from the Shareholder Meeting. The recording of the discussion along with the resolutions is also available from the Bank’s website.

Meetings with Investors 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number of meetings 206 208 134 123
Number of participants 418 410 283 301