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Social activities


Nikifory social program

Since 2009 Bank Millennium has been a standing partner of the United Way Foundation in the pursuit of the Nikifory social program. The project’s objective is to overcome the isolation of intellectually disabled persons by developing and promoting their creative activity.

In 2015, employees, with the Bank’s participation, became involved in a number of events supporting the Nikifory program:

  • two employee volunteering projects were carried out during which the volunteers participated in the organization of the World of Nikifory art competition and art workshops for competition winners;
  • an exhibition of disabled artists was presented in the seat of the Bank’s Head Office and an intranet auction was held. The funds raised during the auction were donated for support and development of disabled artists;
  • with the Foundation’s assistance, internal workshops were organized for bank employees, promoting the benefits of volunteerism;
  • the coronation of these united efforts was embodied by the United Way Foundation Gala and the awards ceremony for the winners of the annual contest called Nikifor’s World with prizes funded by Bank Millennium.

Nikifory program 2009-2015
Number of Bank’s volunteers 93
Number of program beneficiaries 1922

BAKCYL - Bankers for Financial Education of the Youth

Volunteers from Bank Millennium take part in a joint project of the Polish banking sector: BAKCYL - Bankers for Financial Education of the Youth. The project has been devised and organized by the Warsaw Banking Institute. BAKCYL is based on the involvement of bank employees as volunteer trainers and aims at teaching practical financial knowledge and ability to use financial services to junior high school students.

Four curriculums have been developed under the project:Your money, Borrow wisely, Smart investing and Finance for life., which constitute a basic course of financial knowledge for young people. Since 2013, a total of 145 volunteers ran 746 classes under the BAKCYL program. Over 16,5 students attended.

Bank Millennium in BAKCYL 2013-2015
Number of volunteers 18
Number of classes run 89
Number of students trained 1780


Volunteerism 55+

Bank Employees aged over 55 take part in the Engine for Change program carried out by the Volunteerism Center Association. The purpose of the program is to activate and grow its participants and use their experience for public activism purposes.

Program participants are offered training and consulting, which prepare them to being a volunteer and help them develop a concept and a method for implementing an idea for public activism. The project will end in 2016 and will be finalized by each participant executing their own public or volunteerism program.

Charitable activity

Charity Corporate Run

92 Bank Millennium employees took part in the Corporate Run organized by the Everest Foundation in Warsaw and Wrocław. Proceeds from the event, attended by over 5 thousand employees from various industries, were used for treatment and rehabilitation of disabled children.

Corporate Run 2015
Number of run participants 5300
Amount donated to charity (PLN)  52000

Charitable Craft Auction

Starting from 2013, each year before Christmas the Bank has organized a Charitable Christmas Auction. Several hundred items made by employees are posted on an intranet auction. The amount collected from the auction is matched by the bank and transferred for treatment of disabled children of the bank’s employees. In 2015, about PLN 49 thousand was used for this purpose.


Bank Employees for Children

In 2015, Bank Millennium Group employees organized two collections of gifts for children care facilities located in small towns in Poland. The children received school supplies, personal hygiene articles, toys and Christmas gifts. The collections for the children care facilities have been organized in the Bank regularly since 2011.

Supporting Enterpreneurship

Eagle of Innovation

The Eagle of Innovation is an initiative of the Rzeczpospolita daily and its partners: Bank Millennium, RWE Polska, Agency for Enterprise Development and the Stanford University, Warsaw School of Technology, Business Link and EasyPack. The competition in which the Bank was a jury member, was aimed at promoting the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Polish economy. It consisted of two stages:

  1. Polish Innovation – Eagle of Innovation – competition to select a medium-sized or large company, which introduced the most innovative solutions in respect to products or organization. The winner was CD Projekt RED, a developer and publisher of the action game The Witcher.
  2. Eagle of Innovation – Start Up – competition to select Polish start-ups with the best outlook, offering innovative products and services that create new value. The winner was GeniCore, a technology company specializing in innovative sintering of composite materials.

Value of donations and sponsoring (PLN)   2015 2014 2013 2012
  Donations Sponsoring Donations Sponsoring Donations Sponsoring Donations Sponsoring
Culture 150,000 587,684   145,000 1,407,764 151,000   1,387,250   150,000 1,286,891
Education 103,236   121,700 24,678 993,600   10,520   169,900  
Charitable causes 41,168   61,900   45,804     48230  
Sports     30,000         8,610
Total 294,404   587,684 358,600 1,432,442 1,190,404   1,397,770   368,130 1,295,501