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Supporting education

The aim of the educational programs conducted by the Bank is to allow students and graduates to gain their first professional experience and knowledge in banking and finance, spread knowledge of economics and share best practices from the company’s area of activity.

Student and Graduate Educational Programs Number of participants
Program Description 2015 2014 2013 2012
Millennium Bankers Paid apprenticeship program, which enables involvement in independent, complex projects, in which students acquire practical knowledge of the banking business. The best apprentices receive job offers from the Bank. 34 24 20 24
Millennium Academy The purpose of the free workshops and training for students run by the Bank's specialists is to show the specific character of job in banking and present the possible career paths. In 2015, the subjects of training included sales negotiation and communication. 204 211 219 240
People Grow is a management skills development programme for graduates and soon-to-graduate students. It is a 2-year on-the-job training programme that offers an opportunity to obtain comprehensive knowledge of the bank's operations. The participants of the Programme supported by the Mentor – Bank’s management board member – work for various departments on selected projects and training sessions. After completion of the programme, the participant is employed in one of the Bank's departments. 6 8 10 7
Expert Start Up is a collection of internship programs conducted in various departments of the Bank for people with specific interests and a vision for their professional career. The interns are supported by managers and specialists in the area in which the project is conducted. Following the internship, the best participants are offered jobs in the Bank. In 2015, Expert Start Up programs were implemented in the areas of web design, e-commerce and mobile banking. 4 9 15 8
You Are Competing for an Internship For the fifth time the Bank funded the award in the contest You Are Competing for an Internship organized by Gazeta Wyborcza and PwC. The winner of the competition was accepted for a summer apprenticeship at a corporate banking marketing unit.   3 4 9 42
Total   251 256 273 321

Cooperation with student organizations in 2015
Organization Implemented programs

Ambassador Program – during an annual period of cooperation, the ambassadors, i.e. AIESEC members, provide information to students on development opportunities in the Bank by promoting its programme of internships, contests, apprenticeships and development programs. In exchange the ambassadors participate in training sessions and workshops organized by the Bank and receive the possibility of participating in a vacation internship in the Bank.

Career Days
- Participation in the largest job fair is an effective form of exchange of expectations between the Bank and the young people looking for a job. Both programs were delivered in 5 academic communities across Poland.

NZS SGH Direction: Bank! - this is the third edition of the project organized by the Independent Association of Students of the Warsaw School of Economics. The project was addressed mainly to economics major students, who expected to make their career in the financial sector. During the event, the Bank’s employees talked to students about the possibility of a career in the Bank and conducted a workshop entitled Analysis of credit risk of companies.

Spreading Economic Knowledge

The Bank Millennium Foundation is a partner of the Economic Knowledge Olympics, a contest organized by the Polish Economic Society. The purpose of the contest is to ensure economic education of young people, strengthen knowledge about modern economy and assist in the development of particularly talented students. The contest is open for high school students. Over 300 thousand participants took part in 28 previous editions of the contest. The main theme of this edition is Social Inequality and Economic Growth.


In addition to the support given to economic education in high schools, the Bank also supports financial education in junior high schools. Since 2013, volunteers from the Bank have participated in the BAKCYL program aimed at teaching students practical financial knowledge and ability to use financial services.

Best practices at post-graduate studies

We share our knowledge not only with university students and graduates but also with post-graduate students. During a lecture at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, the attending students learned about the best practices of social responsibility reporting at Bank Millennium. In addition to presenting the changes that occurred over time in the Bank’s approach to reporting, the lecture also discussed the required contents of the publication and provided a step by step guide on how to implement reporting in a company.