Letter from the Chairman of the Management Board


Joao Bras Jorge

Dear Stakeholders,

I would like to encourage you to review the Bank Millennium Group’s 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. In this report we portray the measures the Bank and the Group’s companies have taken to implement in practice the principles of corporate social responsibility. This year’s report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI 4 international reporting standards.

2013 was a very demanding year for banks. We have all felt economic slowdown and the difficulties associated with operating in a very low interest rate environment. Nevertheless Bank Millennium generated the second highest profit in its history amounting to PLN 536 million, up 13% compared to 2012. We thereby made a great step toward attaining the objectives laid down in the mid-term growth strategy for 2013-2015.

In the most recent twelve months, given the complex business environment, cooperating closely with all of the Bank’s client constituencies based on transparent rules took on special meaning. In its client relations the Bank attached special attention to pursuing an active reporting policy, solidifying close relations and counteracting the threats inherent in economic slowdown. The Bank also continued to employ the active forms of maintaining contact and cooperating with other major stakeholder constituencies, including social partners, which it developed in recent years.

In 2013, the Bank joined the RESPECT Index for the sixth time, Central and Eastern Europe’s first index of companies formed by the Warsaw Stock Exchange espousing corporate social responsibility. The Bank also received a distinction in the nationwide Ranking of Firms Adhering to CSR. Last year the Bank continued the discussion on crafting a CSR strategy and forming structures to facilitate its implementation, as well as to develop a framework for ongoing dialog with its stakeholders. The Bank’s representatives took part in the work done by governmental and non-governmental organizations to promulgate the principles of corporate social responsibility. In turn, the Bank nurtured the cultivation of these ideas among its employees by encouraging them to participate in employee voluntarism programs and social undertakings.

All our employees became familiar with the Code of Conduct implemented in 2013 through a web training session. Its principles now form the universal foundation regulating employee conduct in the Bank’s internal and external relations.

2013 was yet another year in which the Bank confirmed that espousing a high quality of service culture is one of the strategic principles according to which the Bank establishes and develops its relations with clients. The outcomes of the measures we have taken have brought the Bank a number of prestigious awards. Newsweek awarded Bank Millennium with the title of the Friendliest Retail Bank in Poland while Global Finance named the Bank the Best Retail Web Bank in Poland. 

In line with our mid-term strategy in 2014 we will continue to pursue sustainable development by acting in compliance with the brand values and ethical rules in force in the Bank Millennium Group.

podpis Prezesa Joao Bras Jorge

Joao Bras Jorge

Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium


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