Bank Millennium - Policy privacy

The Bank ensures security of transactions for all its Customers. Any information delivered by our Customers is protected with use of latest technology, in accordance with binding legal standards, security requirements and confidentiality rules.

To ensure the security of our services we have introduced special procedures for using and processing of personal data as a result of which both security of personal data as well as of transactions conducted is ensured.

Personal data of our customers are used only to the extent essential for use of accounts and in compliance with the Customer's authorisation if such is given to the Bank by the Customer. The Customer's acceptance of processing his personal data for marketing purposes is not a condition necessary for signing the agreement with the Bank, however it provides benefits to the Customer, current information about changes in the Bank's products and services offer. Use of the Customer's data to an extent in excess of performance of the agreement signed with the Bank shall be possible under the condition of obtaining prior consent of the Customer.

It is our objective to ensure a high level of data security. Technology development, legal changes and development of the Bank's offer may result in changes of our privacy policy, about which we shall be informing on our pages.

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