Bank Millennium Group

Bank Millennium along with its subsidiaries makes up the Bank Millennium Group. The key Group companies include: Millennium Leasing (leasing activity), Millennium Dom Maklerski (brokerage activity) and Millennium TFI (mutual funds).G4 17a

The offering of these companies complements the services and products offered by the Bank.


The activities of remaining companies of the Group supports infrastructural tasks realization and is not covered by the report.G4 17b

There was one change in the Group's structure compared to 2012. In 2013, the Bank sold all of its shares in Pomorskie Hurtowe Centrum Rolno-Spożywcze SA.

Scheme of Bank Millennium S.A. capital group as on 31.12.2013.

scheme of Bank Millennium SA


Bank Millennium is a joint stock company that has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1992. The Bank and its subsidiaries operate in the Republic of Poland. The Bank's Head Office is located in Warsaw while some of its head office functions are also performed in Gdańsk.


Changes in the shareholding of Bank Millennium

Changes in the shareholding of Bank Millennium

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